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Keep a list of the important facts and take notes as you read. Each case will have a different set of legal significant facts. The case’s holding and the reason for the court’s decision. This is also known as “briefing”. Your case briefs need to be short. Your case briefs and reading notes should be reviewed before class. By doing this, you can retain the cases and be able to follow the class discussion.

The majority of professors cover material in class which is not covered in the reading. Failure to attend class can put you at great disadvantage when taking the final exam. A “FW” will be issued if you miss more then 20% of a course. This is added to the grade point average of your course as an “F” and will remain on your academic record forever, even if it’s retaken. Students who are not following the rules may misuse class time to shop online or play computer games. Tuition fees are expensive. You are spending a lot of Tampa car accident lawyer money on tuition. Do you really want your tuition money to be spent “surfing the web” or playing solitaire?

But don’t let yourself get so wrapped up in trying and find every word your professor said that you stop participating in the class discussion. Be sure to review your notes before beginning your next reading assignment. Analyze how the new cases impact those that you have previously reviewed in class.

It is not possible to substitute the work of more senior students, or use commercial outlines. Analyzing the requirements for preparing a course overview will help you identify the relevant rules of law as they apply to the course’s subject matter, and also how they relate to one another. You will not be able to master the subject matter if this is not done. It is important to note that professors do not always teach the same subject. Many professors may not teach the same course year after year.

It is possible to make your outline according to your course. Do not wait to make your outline. Otherwise, you will never have enough time to finish them on time. Some students prefer to outline weekly, others monthly. Others prefer to outline after a topic has been covered. You decide what schedule is most convenient for you. Stick with it.

Study groups can prove to be an effective learning tool. You can improve your comprehension and retention by talking through the material with other classmates. Learn from other students to get useful study tips. When you form a study team, make sure to find other students who are equally prepared for class. Study group meetings shouldn’t be socialized or used as a place for gossip. You should also avoid using study groups for sharing your workload. You can also resign from your study group if you do not feel benefit from it.

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